Are you a female entrepreneur who desires to be empowered, self directed, and unstoppable on the road to your success? Join the club.

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Being a badass is a state of mind, regardless of one’s gender.

Unfortunately, a business woman who is strong-willed, ambitious and clear about her goals is too often labeled a “bitch.” Being an edgy and vocal woman is not always celebrated in the business environment.

Being a card-carrying Badass Business Woman does not merely announce and unleash your inner badass. Consider us a tribe – coming together, challenging and mentoring one another in today’s male-oriented business world.

Being a Badass Business Woman is not about running stiletto-clad circles around men. It’s about gracefully striding forward in the business world with a radiant strength and confident dexterity that is uniquely female.


At Badass we have a saying: “Make Them BEG

Why? A Badass Businesswomen is ambitious. We are attractive and want to be recognized for our big personality and unique skill set. We don’t want to “sell” ourselves, our products or our services. We want to “seduce” opportunities. How? We create an IRRESISTIBLE personal brand. An IRRESISTIBLE personal brand magnetizes clients, generates referrals, drives business, increases demand and raises market value – both online and off.

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Badass Business Women in the Media

“Badass” Founder Jessica Kizorek: “Women Still Need to Express Themselves More in Business”

Local Businesswoman Jessica Kizorek has barely hit 30, but admits she has long seen a necessity to join forces with other women in the business world — which is why her site was born.

“There’s really still a need to push women to have that self expression that comes naturally to men,” Kizorek told Niteside. “Women are culturally trained to be more demure, appropriate, humble, careful and nurturing of others. They don’t put themselves out there the way that business men do.”

Since then, she has recruited fellow female “badasses” to her organization, all of which receive blog posts, event invites and advice free of charge. But, according to Kizorek – who has also penned five books on this subject – she has learned just as much from these women as vice versa.

“From day one, this has been very much crowd sourced,” she explained. “I invite women weigh in on what they need, and what they want. This is easily something I could do the next 10 years of my life.”