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URGENT – 7:10amEST

Fellow Badass:

I originally wrote this email to my grandmama in Chicago.

But then I realized that YOU too would want to know!!!!

Tomorrow I will make the biggest television appearance of my life and I’m hoping my fellow Badasses from far and wide will tune in to witness it.

So set your DVRs or alarm clocks…here’s the details:

“Fox and Friends”
Live National Television
Sunday, March 11
7:10am EST

I’ve got to hand it to Fox for continuing to invite me (of all people) back onto the network. They won’t let me say the word “Badass” on the air…but it is a Fox morning show after all. ;)

A special shout out to the producer of the show Laurie Weiner who has been amazing with me. Fox and Friends is so awesome they are even sending a CAR to pick me up at 6:20am tomorrow!!! How VIP is that?? All this hard work is finally starting to pay off!!!!!!!!!!

PS – Tomorrow we are launching an entirely new academic institute that my team has been incubating behind the scenes for the last 18 months. If you want to be one of the first to know about it, make sure to tune into Fox and Friends tomorrow at 7:10am EST. Don’t forget clocks SPRING FORWARD tonight.

Jessica on Fox News


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“Badass” Founder Jessica Kizorek: “Women Still Need to Express Themselves More in Business”


Local Businesswoman Jessica Kizorek has barely hit 30, but admits she has long seen a necessity to join forces with other women in the business world — which is why her site was born.

“There’s really still a need to push women to have that self expression that comes naturally to men,” Kizorek told Niteside. “Women are culturally trained to be more demure, appropriate, humble, careful and nurturing of others. They don’t put themselves out there the way that business men do.”

Since then, she has recruited 800 fellow female “badasses” to her organization, all of which receive blog posts, event invites and advice free of charge. But, according to Kizorek – who has also penned five books on this subject – she has learned just as much from these women as vice versa.

“From day one, this has been very much crowd sourced,” she explained. “I have women weigh in on what they need, and what they want. This is easily something I could do the next 10 years of my life.”

The site has just turned a year old and Kizorek is celebrating the best way women know how — with a cocktail soiree at South Beach’s The Pink Room. The event will also mark the first time all of these women will finally be interacting off the virtual stream, and face-to-face. And Kizorek says, this will undoubtedly help them build out their relationships, as well as their businesses, even further.

“Once you stand up as a leader, and make it a point to contribute to others, your business will explode,” she said. “As women we get so much pressure, we have to wear make up and have the right outfit — why can’t we just get paid for being ourselves?”

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Badass Business Women Celebrates First Anniversary with Signature Badass Event on Feb. 18

Miami, FL – On February 18, 2011, Badass Business Women, an organization launched in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Jessica Kizorek to nurture talent, ambition and success in today’s female workforce, will celebrate its first anniversary in true badass style at The Pink Room on South Beach. The evening will celebrate the many achievements of the organization’s first year and honor many of the badass businesswomen who inspired its creation.

“The Badass Business Women movement was started in order to provide strong-willed, confident and ambitious women a platform to collectively advance in the business community through mutual support, training, mentorship, and business partnerships,” said Jessica Kizorek, founder of Badass Business Women. “Since our launch on February 17, 2010, we have amassed more than 800 members across the country, hosted many successful events, and published Badass Business Women: The Manifesto. On our first anniversary, we will bring many our members and friends together to celebrate what it means to be a badass businesswoman in today’s still male-dominated workforce.”

With the goal of challenge and support women in their ambitions to succeed, in its first year, Badass Business Women hosted the Empowered Woman’s Success Summit in Miami on November 11 and 12, and organized the “STRUT” series of small, intimate brainstormers, which covered topics as diverse as body language, vocal training, personal and professional fulfillment, and exploring one’s personal brand. In November, Jessica’s fifth book, “Badass Business Women: The Manifesto,” was released as a free e-book available to members, and will soon be available as a hardcopy.

The manifesto states, “Being a card-carrying badass business woman does not merely announce and unleash your inner badass. We encourage you to cut loose…to go out on a limb…to be unabashedly self-expressed!” With that in mind, guests of the one-year anniversary event will toast to the milestone with Absolut(ly) pink cocktails and pose for pictures with a pink stretch Hummer limousine at the pinkest venue in Miami.

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