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Fellow Badass:

I’ve been hiding out in my own little paradise lately. It’s AWESOME.

It’s so awesome, in fact, that I’d be selfish if I didn’t share it with you. I’m inviting you into my world for no other reason that to contribute to YOU. My goal is to strike up a conversation that YOU take part in. Your comments is what I’m counting on to inspire people far and wide.

I’ve spent the last three months getting back on my feet from one of the lowest, darkest phases of my life. I’ve struggled. I’ve doubted myself. I’ve questioned my own voice and what I have to offer. And on top of it all I’m now shuffling along on crutches. Cosmic joke. ;)

You too have had moments like this. Mostly, in the business world, we hide our emotional roller coaster. We fear our vulnerability will be met with judgment, effectively handicapping our career and ability to compete for professional opportunities. So we carefully watch what we say, filtering out the “negative” so we can be seen as a Badass shining star who performs, performs, performs.

However, I believe powerful insights come from profoundly deep moments.
I believe my purpose is to share my own imperfections…so that you in turn will have the courage to embrace your own.

I’ve had a MAJOR insight regarding SIMPLIFICATION, and am publishing four videos that you’re really gonna enjoy.

Watch VIDEO ONE now!!! HUGE behind-the-scenes news from my personal life…and an invitation for you to embark on an interactive social media video adventure that will bring out the #BadassInYou.

Summit Video

Fellow Badass:

You can thank my boy, Juan Castaneda, for getting the 27-minute video of my Summit speech up, online.

p.s. The image below is the heroine of the story, Mariam. Stay tuned for the next email about what happened to the donkey.  Share your comments below.

Jessica on Fox News

“Who’s Pulling For You?”

Thursday, May 18, 2011:  With sweaty palms and shaky knees, I delivered the third consecutive keynote speech for The Empowered Woman Success Summit.  Thanks for all of you in the audience who pulled for me (and let me be Justin Bieber for 10 seconds).  :)

The Real Goals

Friday, June 11th, 2010: “Unleash Your Inner Badass.” In front of an audience of 200, Jessica talks about her real goal. AND…the response was WILD.

Danger Zone

Today I get on a plane headed for a conflict zone the Middle East.  For the next 9 days I’ll be on a video shoot with the International Rescue Committee to produce a series of training videos that will help this organization rebuild healthy classrooms and learning environments in 22 of the most devastated places on planet earth.

Chances are I’ll return unscathed.  However, the slight possibility of being kidnapped or abducted has heightened my desire to do one thing I simply have to do before I die:  Give a TED talk.

So, while I should have been packing this morning, I instead recorded my first ever TED talk (which I spontaneously wrote on my iPhone last night while sitting at TEDxMIA).  It’s raw, rough, my head is cut off and the printer starts running in the middle. It’s not perfect.  Perfection wasn’t the point.  You can watch my 5 minute video below.

It’s doubtful that any of you are headed into a danger zone where your life is at risk this week.  THAT is a shame. Because sometimes that kind of fear and alertness snap you out of the day to day grind and forces you to spend time on what’s IMPORTANT and what will let your light shine out onto the world.

What’s one idea you have that you have to share before you die?  ‘
Will you share it today?

We Have a Badass Dream

Welcome Aboard!

The Diamond Necklace Speech

Jessica on Fox News

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